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Tenacity - Inspired By True Events, Album (2020)

Tenacity & DRUGS Beats - Discussions, Album (2018)

Coarse Company (Tenacity & Koncept) - Same Page, EP (2013)

Tenacity & Frattello Beatz - ABnormal, Album (2013)

Tenacity & Eddie Logix - Everything Must Change, Album (2013)

Tenacity - Fire Your Ghostwriter, Mixtape (2012)

Tenacity - I'm Different, Mixtape (2011)

Tenacity - Tight Joints, Digital Compilation (2010)

Tenacity, Shi Dog, & Oznoh - Chain Breakers, Album (2009)

Tenacity - Glitches, Album (2008)

Impossible Obstacle (Shi Dog, Tenacity & S.A) - Replacements, Album (2007)

Tenacity & S.A - Blunt Raps, Album (2004)

Tenacity & S.A - Blunt Raps / That's Abolition, 12-inch single (2004)

Tenacity & S.A - Blunt Raps: Special Promotional Blend, EP (2004)

Tenacity - He Mans: Chronic 2003 (Unreleased)

Tenacity & S.A - Why U Watch Um EP, CDR (2003)


J57 - Dynasty XIX, from We Can Be Kings, LP (2019)

Mark Ski - Sloppy Drunk, Digital Single (2019)

Katiah - Game Over, Digital Single (2019)

J57 - Listening To Axelrod, from Sonic Boom Bap, EP (2017)


Katiah - Kanye & Cognac, from NexKaTape, Album (2017)

James Salvato - Keep Looking (Where's My Mind Remix), Digital Single (2016)

Koncept - Trip, Digital Single (2016)

Koncept - Reloaded, Digital Single (2016)

Yung 100 - Fucked Palms, from Light Pulse Earth Grid, LP (2016)

J57 - Burn The Empires (featuring Tenacity, Sean Boog, & Mean Joe Scheme, from I'm The J57, LP (2016)

J57 - DETLANY (featuring Tenacity, Denmark Vessey, & PJ Katz, from Wax Aesthetic, EP (2014)

Koncept & J57 - When I Get There (featuring Co$$, Tenacity, Johaz, Blame One, El Prez, Realm Reality & Mike Maven), Digital Single (2014)

Smash Bros - Life As A Video, We Run It All, Go Hard, from Rehab, EP (2013)

Tranzformer - I Don't Care, from Tranzformer, Album (2013)

E Holla - Understand, from Ice Cup Music, Compilation (2013)

Tranzformer - Life Goes On, Rap Tapes, Hit Em With A Smile, Rap Journals, Go Hard, Swimming Pools (RMX), from Diamonds & Gems, EP (2013)

Gameboi - Gimmie Shelter, from Young & Restless, Album (2012)

Tranzformer - Shut the Fuck Up, Get It Poppin RMX, Patterns, Do Me, Turn It Up, Weirdos, A Victim of Society, Hip Hop Baby, Let It Play RMX, Beat Killa, U Wanna Be With Me, from Raw & Homemade 3, Album (2012)

S.A vs Tranzformer - Don't Sleep, Go Figure It Out, Definition of Ill, from Rise in Voltage, EP (2012)

Awkword - Metal Music (featuring Ill Bill, El Gant, Blame One, & Tenacity), Digital Single (2011)

Kadence - Just An Attempt, from Rhetoric, Album (2011)

Tranzformer x EQ - Stop!!!, ft Phace, Digital Single (2011)

Smash Bros - We Run It All, ft. Ceezlin, from DJ A Sharp A-List Vol 6, Mixtape (2011)

Intricate Dialect - When U See Me, from Kemet, Album (2011)

Tranzformer - Lost, Friendly Man, Demons, from Tranzformer, Album (2011)

Tranzformer x Jefferson Price - Move Forward, from The Scrutiny Queue EP (2011)

S.A - Poor N Out, Booop, Shaken & Stirred, Killed That Beat, Don't Play, from Rhyme Machine, Album (2011)

Aptemal Clothing - Grindin, from Detroit Hustles Harder, Compilation (2010)

Kadence - Global Local Gang Bangin, from Kadence vs Samiyam, Digital EP (2010)

One Stigmah - Emergency Exits, from Halloween, Album (2010)

Kuando Alguien Oculta Sonrisas - Worldwide, from The Manifesto, 12-inch EP (2009)

Koyto - Watered Down, from Forth and Back, Mixtape (2009)

Abolitionist Projects - Free Music, Is This Real, Possession Obsession, from Free Music, Album (2008)

Now On - Party Like A Politician, from Don't Call It A Mixtape, CDR (2007)

Shi Dog - Knock Em' Out, from Detroit By Way Of Long Beach, Mixtape (2007)

Shi Dog - Here, Round Here, Fuck It, U Would Get, from Rookie Season, Mixtape (2006)

Mr. Fernandez - Top 3, from Forced Entry, Album (2005)

Intricate Dialect - Whatchu' Talkin' About, from 2 Stories High, Mixtape (2005)

Lo Key - Simply Elevated, Lights Out, from The Bootleg, CDR (2005)

DJ Payper Kutt - Fuck It, from Made In Detroit, Mixtape (2004)

Intricate Dialect - Doin' My Own Thang, from Love It Like Sex, CDR (2003)

Level Jumpers - Demonstrate, from Red Pyramind, Album (2002)

DJ Defiant - Unity, from The People's Movement, Mixtape (2002)



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